Barrelman Half 2015 Race Report

Barrelman Triathlon at Niagara Falls was such an incredibly awesome way to kick off our pre-wedding festivities. I hadn’t raced in 8 months and I was itching to throw down, just to see what I could do, post-injury. I jokingly called this my “wedding body” race because it forced me to squeeze some exercise into my insane summer schedule. When we got to the venue, my head nearly exploded when I saw the swim course. For you Mirror Lake fans, you will love this! It’s so similar. There’s even a lane line. I don’t love swimming and even I was pumped for getting in the water. We checked in at the expo, met the awesome RD John Salt, and got by bike tuned up by the on site bike mechanic. After that we did a shake out ride and run along the water. Then we went to the mandatory athlete meeting and it was packed! I couldn’t believe what they were listing for awards/prizes… wine from local vineyards, watches, shoes, gift cards, etc. That made me even more pumped to race. This event feels like triathlon used to feel to me. As an athlete I felt super appreciated and you could tell by the vibe that the event was put on out of love of the sport, and not in a detached way by people who don’t care much about the sport itself. Getting swag donated for prizes for an event takes time and energy that isn’t mandatory, but it was done anyway. Continue reading “Barrelman Half 2015 Race Report”

Your Happiness Bubble – by Chris Jarc

(Photo: Chris carrying me on his back because I couldn’t crutch into the Dolmens)

So, most of you know I had a pretty brutally difficult Fall and Winter. Mom got cancer, I lost my older sister and I destroyed my foot. I do a pretty damn good job of keeping a positive outlook 95% of the time but once-in-a-while it catches up with me and I will start to take on the sadness of the world. One night at SLB, I got pulled to the sadness and negativity of others and I found myself struggling to focus on the present and all of the awesomeness around me. That’s when Chris came and found me and said these powerfully beautiful words: Continue reading “Your Happiness Bubble – by Chris Jarc”

American Zofingen 2013 Race Report

Pre-race ninja!
Pre-race ninja!

On race morning, I woke up feeling rested and ready to kill it.  The drive to the race was through fog on wet pavement.  It was drizzling slightly, but I hadn’t looked at the weather in days.  I brought everything I’d need for any conditions because I’ve done this race in miserable cold and wet weather, and also in insanely hot weather.  You just never know what Mother Nature will bring for Am Zof. The day after the race I heard that a few people got so far as driving to the race, then seeing the fog on the descent and decided to DNS.  This race takes guts, or stupidity, but probably a combination of both. By the start of the race, the weather looked worse.  A 30% chance of precipitation ended up meaning miserable cold and constant rain.  This was exactly like Am Zof in 2010, when I spent half the bike sobbing and pedaling.  I hadn’t grown my thick skin yet that year, but I certainly have it by now. Continue reading “American Zofingen 2013 Race Report”

Programs and Services

Luck, fortune, and romance for 2013

Have you ever struggled with communicating the importance of your sport when working with a health care professional?  Do you want to finally learn how to support your body with the proper nutrition that it needs to perform at your maximum potential?  Christine can create a personalized plan to teach you how to listen to your body so that you can begin to make intuitive food choices.  And, she can do this in a way that won’t interfere with your busy lifestyle because she speaks your language. Continue reading “Programs and Services”