About Alice

Alice Lynch is a Holistic Health Coach with a practice in Amesbury, Ma.  She works in collaboration with Christine for Live and Eat Better Holistic Health.  To contact Alice, email her at: [email protected] or call: (978) 457-9175.


  • Weight loss
  • Thyroid issues
  • Older adults, parents and children
  • Quick & simple meal planning & preparation

Who I Am:

  • Health Counselor (attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition)
  • Work as a Vocational Instructor in a retirement program for adults with mental retardation
  • Mother & Grandmother
  • My mission is to teach people how simple it can be to reclaim their health

Why I Chose To Be A Holistic Health Counselor:

As I have spent some time playing e-competitions, I have realized that we don’t pay enough attention to our health and body. The lifestyle impacts your health a lot and there is no doubt about it. Therefore, it is easier to destroy your body, especially when you have to sit in a chair and play a 10-hour MMO battle. It is exhausting and that is why all Esports and betting competitions have teams of nutrition experts who organize and prepare food for the players. Now, the whole thing about becoming a holistic health counselor came from the fact that I wanted to change the people so they can prepare themselves various nutrition meals. At least those people who don’t play DOTA for 10 hours.

Through the years, I have always had an interest in natural healing. This passion was passed on to my daughter, Christine, who a few years ago decided to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, turning her passion into a career. Her father (my husband) had recently been diagnosed with Stage IV throat cancer. Our shared interests and fears during this time helped strengthen our friendship. After her IIN classes, Christine would be eager to visit and to teach me about the new things she had been learning.

While Christine attended IIN, my husband required nourishment through a feeding tube, because the radiation treatments left him unable to swallow solid food. Once he was able to eat normally again, she helped guide me on what foods were easier to swallow and how to prepare them. We loaded him up with lots of organic fruits and vegetables, added aloe to help with the radiation burns in his throat, and slowly introduced whole foods back into his diet. One night, I went to a support group meeting at Mass General Hospital and there we met a woman that had been struggling with the same type of cancer as my husband. I talked about my daughter and all that she had taught us and the woman asked for her contact information. She quickly hired Christine as her Health Counselor and began a program. It was that easy!

Eventually, Christine and I encouraged my husband to work with his own personal health counselor, believing that he would be more open to the information if it were not coming from a family member. His health counselor, Steve, lived in New York and we live in Massachusetts, so my husband had an hour-long phone session every other Tuesday. Because of this experience, my husband was able to go back to the gym within six months and trained to run the 2006 NYC Half-Marathon with our daughter. So, as you can see, we are a success story. My husband has made an amazing recovery. He continues to inspire people through his strength and gives them hope that they can work towards achieving the level of recovery that he has through healthy life changes.

As for myself, I have battled weight gain for more than 15-years and have tried numerous diets, but only managed to gain more weight. I started dieting at 165 pounds and ended up gaining 70 pounds. While attending IIN, Christine started giving me new recipes, introduced me to a variety of new foods and explained why it is better to buy and eat organic, whole foods. Once I made that change to my lifestyle I began to feel better than I have in years.

The combination of my daughter’s experience becoming a Health Counselor, witnessing my husband’s amazing recovery and my own improved health that rekindled this passion within me. Following in Christine’s footsteps, I decided to attend The Institute for Integrative Nutrition the following year. This has been incredible healing experience for my entire family and there is so much more to look forward to for the future!