What eSports Betting Sites Have To Offer?

eSports betting sites are relatively new compared to online casino gaming, and hence, there is much to explore and new possibilities in terms of gambling on real or fantasy games. For instance, Overwatch is a new league game that showed gained a lot of steam since it was introduced. Today, however, there are other popular league and fantasy games that have gained attention in the eSports arena such as League of Legends. Though this league has been around since the year 2013, eSports betting has since then become more viable, especially for players for whom eSports gambling is legal.

The emergence of eSports sites

esportzbet.comMany established and regulated online players such as esportzbet among others have added eSports to their line-up of wagering games. Today there are operators that are focused on eSports betting such as esportzbet.com and Unikrn. These sites are based out of casino capitals of the world and have contributed to the growth of eSports based games and leagues over the last few years.

Legal ways of eSports gambling

For most Americans, the legal way to place bets is to use digital currencies such as on eSports contests like PUBG or Counter-Strike. Options to play with cryptocurrencies are offered at several sites such as Loot Bet or Nitrogen Sports. There are several sites that have anonymous wagering bet options, but it is best to choose legit and licensed sites to bet on contests in the eSports segment. Traditional sports betting has decades of data when it comes to setting up odds as well as in monitoring the wagering behaviour of the players. Today most of the eSports gambling operations are based on the traditional game odds setup though, with fantasy leagues and games the norms are slightly different.

For instance, the odds that were created by Unikrn for League of Legends tournament took about six to nine hours, but today it takes minutes since it has become an automated process.

How it works?

Sportsbooks usually calculate the odds in a way that they do not lose money while hosting bets. For instance, when a bettor is offered odds of 1:2 for a bet, they can put in an amount like $10 and gain back $15 for a win. When someone else places a bet of $10 on another team, the final payout is easy for the bookie who gets to keep $5 no matter which is the winning side. The winner can be paid from the $15 pot. However, when no one bets for the other side, the house would lose even that $5 rather than getting access to the pot from the losers.

The above points showcase how sports gambling are planned out for the gamers by the sites. For a player, once the trust factor is established, it becomes easier to log on and make deposits on an eSports gambling site. They can wager amounts on bets as per their budget and minimum or maximum amounts; withdrawals can also be requested for as per the timelines and terms applicable.


If you are an online gaming enthusiast and likes to play fantasy games, the next level to try would be eSports gambling. This is one category that online gamers can easily pick up. They would also find it easy to understand the wagering norms and gambling odds. However, even for newcomers or those trying fantasy league games for the first time, this is one emerging field that offers the thrills of new technology and exciting wagering bet options. All such aspects make eSports gambling an exciting new avenue to explore.

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