Your Happiness Bubble – by Chris Jarc

(Photo: Chris carrying me on his back because I couldn’t crutch into the Dolmens)

So, most of you know I had a pretty brutally difficult Fall and Winter. Mom got cancer, I lost my older sister and I destroyed my foot. I do a pretty damn good job of keeping a positive outlook 95% of the time but once-in-a-while it catches up with me and I will start to take on the sadness of the world. One night at SLB, I got pulled to the sadness and negativity of others and I found myself struggling to focus on the present and all of the awesomeness around me. That’s when Chris came and found me and said these powerfully beautiful words:

“I like to take a deep breath in to create a bubble around me, not a protective outside bubble, but one from the inside that radiates out. That’s YOUR ENERGY, that’s YOUR LOVE, that’s YOUR HAPPY. A lot of times NEGATIVE ENERGY sees this HAPPY and goes after it. A lot of people with negative energy don’t even know that they’re going after your happy because it’s a habit for them to take out happy. Their negativity is not your energy and if you say no to it with your peace-power-blast-of-happy it cannot penetrate you! Follow me? It’s funny because they will try over and over again until they realize what they’re doing and then they’ll give up! So be happy, but be strong and realize that if you’re feeling happy and something negative comes up, it probably isn’t your job to fix it, so don’t take that on and cover your happiness! It’s all good Guapa! Pura Vida! And breathe!”

I got a huge hug, wiped away my tears, and went back downstairs to soak up the happy that surrounded me. This is exactly how Chris is Happiness Personified. It was such a gift to have him at SLB this year. He begins his camino in a few days and I hope you’ll consider donating even just $15 to his adventure. Read more here.

Thank you, Chris! Pura Vida and Hola Vida!

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